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Ohio man faces charges after drunk driving arrest

Ohio man faces charges after drunk driving arrest

Being suspected of OVI can be a complicated predicament. A car crash could lead to a drunk driving arrest if authorities believe that alcohol may have played a role. Individuals who are facing such charges may want to lessen the uncertainty of the case, and finding out more information on their charges may be helpful.

One man in Ohio may be attempting to feel more confident about his state of affairs after being taken into custody. It was reported that the man was allegedly driving a vehicle when he failed to remain on the roadway. The vehicle travelled off of the road and purportedly crashed through a fence. It apparently ended up in a yard.

The vehicle came to a stop turned on its side, and an individual in the area helped the driver out of the car. The driver was transported from the scene to be treated for injuries. After being treated, the man was booked by police on suspicion of OVI. It was not mentioned what caused authorities to suspect that alcohol was involved or whether a breath or blood sample was obtained.

Due to the drunk driving arrest, the man could potentially face driver's license suspension and other significant consequences if he is convicted. However, he may also defend against the allegations in order to possibly avoid such an outcome. Information on Ohio criminal proceedings relating to OVI and on criminal defense options may help the man feel more confident as his case moves forward through the criminal justice system.

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