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Drunk driving charges stem from Ohio traffic stop

Drunk driving charges stem from Ohio traffic stop

When an individual is accused of drunk driving, that party is presumed innocent before the court of any accusations filed against him or her. Drivers in this type of situation have the ability to take legal action in order to defend against drunk driving charges, and depending on the particular circumstances, there are various options that could suit a situation. Because each case is unique, individuals may wish to assess their situation before moving forward.

One man in Ohio may be focusing on his state of affairs after being charged. It was reported that the man was apparently stopped by authorities after allegedly driving 88 mph in a 55 mph zone. It was unclear what actions were taken in order to stop the vehicle, but it was also noted that the driver was suspected of being under the influence.

The man apparently submitted to a breath test, which reportedly indicated a blood-alcohol level of .137 percent. It was not mentioned in the report what caused the officer to suspect that the man was under the influence. Nonetheless, he was charged with driving while intoxicated and speeding. It was unclear whether he was still in police custody at the time of the report.

Though a breath test was apparently administered at the traffic stop, the information provided by that test does not automatically establish guilt. As this case proceeds to criminal court, the accused will be able to defend against the drunk driving charges if he wishes to do so. In the mean time, he may want to prepare for his case by seeking advice about how such situations are handled in Ohio courts.

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