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Ohio woman may want to defend against possible OVI charge

Ohio woman may want to defend against possible OVI charge

Failing to obey a traffic signal can often lead to a serious accident. If authorities believe that a driver involved in an accident was also impaired at the time, charges for OVI could be an outcome. These charges could lead to an individual facing a potentially complicated legal predicament, and that party may want to better understand his or her options for handling the allegations.

One woman in Ohio may be exploring her legal options after being suspected of impairment in relation to an accident. Reports indicated that the woman was driving a vehicle when she allegedly failed to stop at a red light. This purported action resulted in her vehicle colliding with a semi truck that was apparently traveling through the same intersection. The car also had two male passengers inside at the time.

The three individuals in the car were taken to a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the semi truck was apparently not injured. Additionally, the driver of the car was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol when the crash took place. It was unclear whether any tests were administered to determine her blood-alcohol level or what caused authorities to suspect impairment.

If OVI charges are leveled against the woman, she will likely want to mount a defense against such allegations. By gathering information on Ohio criminal processes relating to her case, she may be better able to determine which options are available to her. Furthermore, she may wish to assess her state of affairs with the assistance of an experienced attorney as her case proceeds.

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