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Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • Man charged with OVI, child endangerment in Ohio

    If authorities suspect that an individual was intoxicated while operating a vehicle, it is likely that driver will face charges. If an individual is charged with OVI, he or she may want to determine what legal steps could feasibly be taken to handle the case. One man in Ohio may be exploring his defense options after recently being taken into custody. It was reported that police allegedly first ...
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  • Ohio man faces OVI charge after alleged collisions

    Understanding criminal defense options may help some individuals determine how they would like to move forward in their legal cases. One man in Ohio may be working to find out what strategies may be valuable to his case after being taken into custody for OVI. Reports stated that the man was allegedly driving a pickup truck and crashed into multiple vehicles and other objects. It was reported that ...
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  • Ohio woman may want to defend against possible OVI charge

    Failing to obey a traffic signal can often lead to a serious accident. If authorities believe that a driver involved in an accident was also impaired at the time, charges for OVI could be an outcome. These charges could lead to an individual facing a potentially complicated legal predicament, and that party may want to better understand his or her options for handling the allegations. One woman in ...
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