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Ohio man facing drunk driving charges

Ohio man facing drunk driving charges

Individuals who have consumed a certain amount of alcohol are referred to as impaired because alcohol diminishes certain brain functions. As a result, some individuals who have consumed alcohol may not make the wisest decisions in a given situation. Drinking and driving is one mistake that an impaired individual might make, and as a result, that party could face drunk driving charges.

One man in Ohio is currently facing such a predicament after reportedly driving to a police station. It was reported that a parked vehicle had been struck by a car, but the driver believed responsible apparently left the scene. A witness reportedly left a note on the parked car with the other vehicle's tag number written on it. Authorities were apparently able to determine the identity of the other driver.

Police contacted the driver, and the man reportedly agreed to go to the police station. After the man arrived and officers reportedly spoke with him, they suspected that he was intoxicated. The man apparently participated in sobriety tests, though it was not detailed what types of tests or how well the man performed those tests. He was taken into custody for drunk driving.

As the man's situation moves forward, he may wish to determine how he would like to address the drunk driving charges leveled against him. He may want to present a defense against the allegations in hopes of maintaining his innocence. Gaining knowledge on how criminal proceedings for OVI are handled in Ohio may help him more easily determine how he wishes to approach the situation.

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