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Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • Drunk driving charges leveled against Ohio driver

    Criminal charges can be leveled against any individual in a situation in which the authorities feel charges are necessary. As a result, a charged individual could be an alleged first-time offender or possibly have faced allegations in the past. Nonetheless, an accused party should have legal options for how he or she would like to handle the situation. If a party is facing drunk driving charges, ...
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  • OVI, child endangerment charges stem from Ohio accident

    When a person is charged for a crime, he or she must enter a plea stating guilt or innocence as part of the criminal process. In some situations, an individual may be able to strike a bargain beforehand that allows for a lesser sentence if a guilty plea is later entered. However, an accused person may wish to plead not guilty to charges such as OVI, and in turn, that individual may want to create ...
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