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Semi-truck driver charged in Ohio drunk driving arrest

Semi-truck driver charged in Ohio drunk driving arrest

Because truck drivers operate large vehicles and often travel farther distances and for longer periods of time than other drivers, they must often adhere to certain rules that other drivers may not. As a result, they could potentially find themselves in a serious situation for allegedly violating those rules. Though all drivers can be penalized for a drunk driving arrest, a truck driver may face additional consequences.

A truck driver that was taken into custody in Ohio may be working to determine how to handle his current legal situation. It was reported that authorities were alerted to an individual who was allegedly driving in an erratic manner. An officer purportedly located the driver after noticing a truck that was not staying in the proper lane.

The officer pulled the truck over, and the truck driver allegedly struck a guardrail when attempting to stop. The report stated that the driver had a blood-alcohol content level of .249 percent. It was unclear whether the driver submitted to a breath test or whether the results were determined through other means. It was noted that the legal limit for truck drivers is .04 percent as opposed to .08 percent for other drivers.

Because the man was operating a semi-truck at the time of the drunk driving arrest, he could potentially face more severe penalties than other drivers. As the test results allegedly indicated that his blood-alcohol level was over the limit, it is possible that his driver's license has been suspended. He may wish to find out information on how to challenge such a suspension in Ohio as well as gain knowledge on how to approach his situation as other aspects of his case proceed.

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