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OVI charges result after Ohio building hit by vehicle

OVI charges result after Ohio building hit by vehicle

Becoming disoriented while driving can be a scary and dangerous situation that could lead to an accident. If a driver is involved in a crash, authorities may suspect drunk driving as a factor in the incident. As a result, a driver could potentially face charges for OVI and may wish to determine how to handle such charges and the possible outcomes that could come along with a conviction.

A man in Ohio may be considering his options after being charged for alleged drunk driving. It was reported that an accident took place in which a driver apparently drove through a gate and crashed into a building. The driver then allegedly drove away from the scene. Before the incident, authorities were reportedly informed of an erratic driver in the area.

Officers later located a vehicle that they believed was involved in the crash. Reports stated that parts of the vehicle had been left at the accident site, and concrete matching the building was allegedly found inside the engine of the vehicle. The driver's blood-alcohol level was reportedly tested, and results allegedly indicated that the driver was over the legal limit. It was noted that the driver will have to pay for damages that the building sustained in the accident.

As the man's case moves forward, he may wish to determine possible courses of legal action. He could potentially wish to create a defense against the OVI allegations in order to maintain his innocence. On the other hand, if a plea bargain is available, he may want to consider that option for possibly obtaining a lesser sentence by entering a guilty plea. The Ohio driver should assess his situation and conclude how he may feel the most comfortable handling his case.

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