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Ohio man faces underage drinking, DUI charges

Ohio man faces underage drinking, DUI charges

Making the mistake of drinking and driving can cause an individual to face serious legal repercussions. If that person is also under the legal drinking age, his or her situation could become more complicated. Underage drinking can come with consequences of its own if a party is charged and convicted of such a crime. Therefore, it is important that accused individuals understand their legal options.

One Ohio man is currently facing similar charges after allegedly fleeing from police. The situation reportedly began when officers attempted to stop an SUV due to traveling over the speed limit. The driver of the SUV reportedly stopped the vehicle, but then exited the SUV. He then purportedly began to flee the scene on foot.

Officers reportedly caught up with the suspect after his clothing became tangled in a barbed wire fence. The man was reported as being 20 years old, and as a result of the situation, he was charged with DUI, underage drinking and other violations. It was not reported whether any sobriety tests were performed or what caused authorities to suspect the man to be under the influence.

The charges the man currently faces could have considerable impact on his life if he is convicted. Therefore, he may wish to take this opportunity to prepare for his situation and learn more about the circumstances of his arrest and upcoming court appearances. Information on Ohio criminal proceedings for underage drinking and DUI may help him better understand his case and make more informed decisions moving forward.

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