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Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Breath test refusal: Both drivers in Ohio crash decline test

    When an individual is suspected of driving under the influence, officers may request a breath test. However, the results of such tests could be used as evidence against an individual in court. Therefore, some parties wish to decline such a test. In such situations, though, a breath test refusal could result in immediate consequences, and the refusal may be addressed as the case proceeds. Two ...
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  • Ohio man faces underage drinking, DUI charges

    Making the mistake of drinking and driving can cause an individual to face serious legal repercussions. If that person is also under the legal drinking age, his or her situation could become more complicated. Underage drinking can come with consequences of its own if a party is charged and convicted of such a crime. Therefore, it is important that accused individuals understand their legal ...
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  • Man charged with OVI after multiple accidents in Ohio

    Facing criminal charges is a serious matter that individuals should attend to with the utmost consideration. Various outcomes could result from such a situation depending on how it is handled. If an individual is charged with OVI, he or she may have different options to consider. It is important that the party closely assesses the circumstances before making a decision. One man in Ohio may be ...
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