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  • Ohio driver charged with OVI after allegedly turning himself in

    When an individual is charged for an alleged crime, he or she may anxiously await what may come next for their situation. The stress and anxiety of their circumstances may make them feel as if they are stuck in a situation without knowing how to properly handle it. Luckily, many individuals who have been charged with OVI or other allegations may have options that could help ease the stress of ...
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    Inventory Search of your vehicle An inventory search of your vehicle by a law enforcement officer must be done "in accordance with reasonable standardized procedure(s) or established routine." While the procedures do not need to be in writing, the prosecutor must show that the police department has a standardized, routine police and the police officer's conduct conformed to that policy. The ...
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  • Ohio man facing allegations of OVI after morning crash

    On behalf of Haughey & Niehaus, LLC posted in Drunk Driving Charges on Thursday, December 24, 2015. Though operating a vehicle while impaired is a common criminal charge, each case is unique to the individuals involved. Therefore, drivers who have been charged with OVI will likely want to assess their individual situations and determine which ways to move forward may be best for them. Better ...
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  • Man with multiple OVI offenses arrested in Ohio

    It was recently reported that one man in Ohio was taken into custody for alleged drunk driving, and if convicted, it could be the man's 14th offense. Apparently, the man had stopped at a gas station at approximately 2 a.m., and when he was about to leave, the clerk at the station called police. The clerk reportedly stated that the man was intoxicated and -- despite his multiple OVI offenses -- was ...
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  • Ohio woman charged with OVI after crash

    When an individual has been accused of driving under the influence, he or she will likely face a potentially confusing time. Because most people are not well versed when it comes to criminal proceedings, an individual who has been accused of OVI may be uncertain about the direction to follow. Exploring viable defense options may help make the situation more clear. One woman in Ohio is currently ...
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  • Ohio man facing felony charges due to multiple OVI offenses

    One man in Ohio may be looking to determine what legal options best suit his circumstances after recently being taken into custody. It was reported that the man has multiple OVI offenses and was arrested on his seventh alleged offense in the last 14 years. Reports stated that authorities were alerted to a hit-and-run accident after a driver apparently crashed into a road sign. Police purportedly ...
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  • Man charged with OVI, child endangerment in Ohio

    If authorities suspect that an individual was intoxicated while operating a vehicle, it is likely that driver will face charges. If an individual is charged with OVI, he or she may want to determine what legal steps could feasibly be taken to handle the case. One man in Ohio may be exploring his defense options after recently being taken into custody. It was reported that police allegedly first ...
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  • Ohio man faces OVI charge after alleged collisions

    Understanding criminal defense options may help some individuals determine how they would like to move forward in their legal cases. One man in Ohio may be working to find out what strategies may be valuable to his case after being taken into custody for OVI. Reports stated that the man was allegedly driving a pickup truck and crashed into multiple vehicles and other objects. It was reported that ...
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  • Ohio woman may want to defend against possible OVI charge

    Failing to obey a traffic signal can often lead to a serious accident. If authorities believe that a driver involved in an accident was also impaired at the time, charges for OVI could be an outcome. These charges could lead to an individual facing a potentially complicated legal predicament, and that party may want to better understand his or her options for handling the allegations. One woman in ...
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  • Ohio man faces charges after drunk driving arrest

    Being suspected of OVI can be a complicated predicament. A car crash could lead to a drunk driving arrest if authorities believe that alcohol may have played a role. Individuals who are facing such charges may want to lessen the uncertainty of the case, and finding out more information on their charges may be helpful. One man in Ohio may be attempting to feel more confident about his state of ...
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  • Drunk driving charges stem from Ohio traffic stop

    When an individual is accused of drunk driving, that party is presumed innocent before the court of any accusations filed against him or her. Drivers in this type of situation have the ability to take legal action in order to defend against drunk driving charges, and depending on the particular circumstances, there are various options that could suit a situation. Because each case is unique, ...
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  • Man charged with OVI after multi-car accident in Ohio

    Situations in which a driver has been accused of operating a vehicle while impaired can potentially lead to parties wanting more information about their circumstances. Charges for OVI can vary depending on how the suspicion came about, and, therefore, it may be wise to assess the details of a case before making decisions. When an individual feels more comfortable with his or her understanding of ...
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  • Ohio man charged with OVI after vehicle overturns

    Being involved in a car accident can be a frightening experience, even if there is only one vehicle involved. The situation can become even more worrisome if the driver of the vehicle is suspected to have been under the influence at the time of the accident. Such suspicion could lead to a driver facing charges of OVI, and he or she will likely wish to work on a criminal defense. One man in Ohio ...
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  • Man charged with OVI after reported Ohio accident

    As many individuals have learned over the course of their lives, being prepared can make a considerable difference when needing to deal with a situation. This notion can also be applied to legal situations in which a driver may be facing charges for alleged OVI. By understanding the allegations, parties may be able to make better decisions for their cases. A recent accident in Ohio may have a man ...
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  • Drunk driving arrest: Man charged after Ohio crash

    Defending against criminal charges can be a situation in which a person may feel anxious. In many cases, being prepared for a situation may help parties ease some of their anxiety in order to better face their circumstances. If an individual is the suspect in a drunk driving arrest, he or she may want to assess the situation and determine how to best move forward. It was recently reported that one ...
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