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Ohio teen charged with underage drinking, other allegations

Ohio teen charged with underage drinking, other allegations

Individuals who are under the legal age for consuming alcohol could potentially find themselves in serious trouble if they drink despite the law. Facing charges for underage drinking could lead to marks on a person's record that could become a hindrance in future circumstances. As a result, individuals may want to consider if there are any legal options that could potentially help them avoid such an outcome.

A 19-year-old girl in Ohio is currently facing similar circumstances after she was charged for allegedly driving while intoxicated. She was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed when she apparently changed lanes suddenly. This alleged action purportedly almost caused a collision with another vehicle. She later reportedly almost hit the median in the roadway.

The driver was stopped by an officer who supposedly smelled alcohol and claimed that the driver's speech was slurred. The driver allegedly did not pass a sobriety test and did not wish to take a breath test. She was taken into custody for DUI, underage drinking and other traffic violation allegations.

A conviction for underage drinking and DUI could lead to severe consequences for the individual. If she hopes to avoid such an outcome, she may want to learn more about Ohio criminal proceedings for the charges related to her case. Preparing for the legal situation that she now faces may allow her to come to the most beneficial outcome for her particular circumstances. It is important to remember that she should only be considered guilty if she is found to be so in a court of law.