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Blog Posts in October, 2014

  • Ohio accident may lead to drunk driving arrest

    Being involved in a car accident can lead to a considerable amount of stress for individuals. If authorities also believe that the driver may have been drinking before driving, the situation may become even more stressful. Individuals who have faced a drunk driving arrest may want to assess the situation and what it could mean for them legally. A man in Ohio may be hoping to find out more about ...
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  • Ohio teen charged with underage drinking, other allegations

    Individuals who are under the legal age for consuming alcohol could potentially find themselves in serious trouble if they drink despite the law. Facing charges for underage drinking could lead to marks on a person's record that could become a hindrance in future circumstances. As a result, individuals may want to consider if there are any legal options that could potentially help them avoid such ...
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  • OVI charge stems from alleged Ohio accident involving parked car

    When a car accident takes place, authorities look at the incident from multiple angles in order to get a better idea of what may have caused the accident. This tactic may lead police officers to conduct sobriety tests on any drivers involved. If an officer believes that a party may have been under the influence when an accident took place, that driver could potentially be charged for OVI. A recent ...
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