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Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • Ohio man faces drunk driving charges after single-car accident

    Drinking and driving can lead to severe outcomes for individuals who get behind the wheel. The majority of individuals know that driving while impaired is a serious mistake, but when a person is impaired, he or she is likely not using the best judgment. However, if individuals have drunk driving charges leveled against them, they may be able to use better judgment as they work to handle their ...
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  • Ohio man may consider defense options after OVI charge

    In many cases, an individual who has been accused of illegal activity may wish to present a defense against those allegations. A defense may allow a party who has been charged with OVI to present a version of the facts that could work toward maintaining his or her innocence. Individuals who opt to follow this legal route may want to become as informed as they can on their possible strategies. A ...
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