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Drunk driving charges could increase after Ohio accident

Drunk driving charges could increase after Ohio accident

When an individual is involved in a car accident that results in serious injuries, the driver considered responsible for the accident could face serious charges. If authorities believe that the driver was also under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident, additional drunk driving charges could also be applied. In such a situation, an accused individual may wish to figure out the best legal options to pursue.

A similar situation recently took place in Ohio, and the accused driver may be considering his options. A collision took place between the driver and another vehicle at an intersection. The man was reportedly traveling west when his vehicle collided with the other. The female driver of the other vehicle suffered life-threatening injuries and expectations for recovery were not high.

It was reported that officers believed the male driver smelled like alcohol when they arrived on the scene. As a result, the man reportedly performed sobriety test, which he allegedly did not perform to the satisfaction of the officers. He did not submit to a breath test, but a blood test was later ordered. The results of the test were not available at the time of the report.

If the victim does not survive her injuries, the man could have drunk driving charges increased to aggravated vehicular homicide. While he awaits his Ohio court appearance, the man may wish to learn more about potential options that he may find fitting for his legal circumstances. If he would like to create a defense against the allegations, he should have the ability to present relevant evidence that would be supportive toward his case.