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Ohio driver changes tactics regarding drunk driving charges

Ohio driver changes tactics regarding drunk driving charges

For some individuals, deciding on the best course of legal action can take some time. An individual who is facing drunk driving charges may believe that one route may be their best bet only to later change their mind. Because different aspects or evidence may come to their attention during various parts of their case proceedings, individuals may wish to be knowledgeable on available options in case they wish to change their tactics.

A man in Ohio who was charged with OVI recently changed legal route. He had initially declined to go through with a plea bargain and was set to go through a hearing that could potentially have evidence against him thrown out. However, during this hearing, he entered a guilty plea.

As a result of this plea, the man now faces a suspended license, a year of probation and the option to either spend three days in jail or go through a driving program. The specific details of how his original charge came about were not given in the report and neither was the reasoning behind his decision to change to a guilty plea. However, it is his right to take advantage of the legal options that are available and that he feels most benefit his situation.

As this situation demonstrates, an initial tactic for handling drunk driving charges may not be the one that is fully carried out. By having information on his options, the Ohio driver was able to find a route with which he felt most comfortable. Other drivers in similar situations may also want to be knowledgeable regarding their options so that they may also be able to make the best decisions regarding their case.