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Accident leads to drunk driving arrest in Ohio

Accident leads to drunk driving arrest in Ohio

When a person is involved in a single-car accident, they may be shaken by the situation, but they may also be relieved that no one else was involved. However, authorities may become involved if they believe that the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated at the time of the event. In this type of situation, a driver could face charges of OVI for a drunk driving arrest.

A man in Ohio is currently facing such a situation after authorities reportedly found him walking down the roadway. The man allegedly told police that he had been hit by a vehicle, and authorities found a vehicle off the side of the roadway. Officers purportedly found a shoe inside the vehicle that matched the shoe that the man was apparently wearing.

Reports also stated that the man said he did not remember what had happened, and he also allegedly declined to submit to a blood-alcohol test. He was transported to an area hospital where he was treated for injuries, though none were considered to be life threatening. At this time, the man has been charged with OVI as well as failure to maintain control of his vehicle.

A drunk driving arrest is a situation that should be approached very seriously. The outcome of the legal circumstances can depend considerably on how the charged party chooses to move forward. By examining the legal options in Ohio for OVI that suit his conditions, the man allegedly involved in this situation may be better able to elect how to handle his current predicament.