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OVI charges result in Ohio after car sinks in river

OVI charges result in Ohio after car sinks in river

When drunk driving is suspected to have played a role in the death of an individual, the charges associated with such an incident could be severe. If a person is convicted of OVI charges after such an event, the individual could face time in jail and other serious consequences. However, parties facing such allegations should not resign themselves to accepting a negative outcome.

An individual in Ohio may be looking into defense strategies that could work in her favor. It was reported that the woman had two children in her vehicle when she allegedly backed into a river. The woman and a little girl were able to escape the vehicle, but unfortunately, a 4-year-old boy could not be rescued as the vehicle sank.

Emergency services later located the vehicle, and the young boy was pronounced dead at an area hospital. The driver was taken into custody and reportedly submitted to a breath test. It was noted that the results of the test were purportedly .12 percent. She is currently facing charges for vehicular homicide, OVI and child endangerment. She recently pleaded not guilty.

There will likely be many aspects of her current situation regarding the OVI charges that the woman will wish to consider. She may believe that her legal choices could be the most important factor at this time, and as she has pleaded not guilty, she may wish to work on how to approach her defense or other path fitting her circumstances. Becoming more knowledgeable on the Ohio court proceedings relevant to her case could also help her better prepare.