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Ohio man may look into legal options after drunk driving arrest

Ohio man may look into legal options after drunk driving arrest

In school zones, speed limits are typically lowered in order to ensure the safety of the students who may be present. If a driver does not comply with the speed limit in such an area, there could be costly penalties. If authorities suspect that a driver may also be under the influence, the driver could face citations and a possible drunk driving arrest.

An Ohio driver recently found himself in a similar situation. It was reported that the man was pulled over by an officer after the driver was allegedly speeding in a school zone that had a posted a 20 mph limit. The driver reportedly stated that he did not see the sign for the school zone limit.

It was reported that the driver allegedly had an odor of alcohol about him. The officer reportedly asked the driver to perform sobriety tests, but the driver said he was unable to perform certain ones because of leg problems. Of the ones he apparently did participate in, the results were not to the satisfaction of the officer. He was taken into custody on suspicion of operating a vehicle while impaired.

If the man submitted to any breath or chemical tests and the results indicated that he was impaired, he could potentially have his driver's license suspended. However, he should have the opportunity to address the drunk driving arrest and possible license suspension. If the man wishes to present a defense against the allegations, information on Ohio court proceedings related to his situation may be beneficial.