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Drunk driving charges filed after vehicle hits Ohio church

Drunk driving charges filed after vehicle hits Ohio church

Losing control of a vehicle can be a frightening experience for those individuals involved. In many cases, such a situation can result in a serious accident. If a person is suspected of having been under the influence when the accident took place, his or her frightening experience may have drunk driving charges added to it, and finding out more about legal avenues could be a helpful step.

A driver in Ohio may be considering his options after the vehicle he was allegedly driving crashed into a church. It was reported that authorities believe that the vehicle was traveling over 60 mph when it hit a sign, overturned and hit the church. At this time, it is believed that approximately $200,000 worth of damage may have been done to the building.

Reports also indicate that the 21-year-old driver of the vehicle and his underage passenger were allegedly under the influence when the accident occurred. The suspected driver’s blood-alcohol content level was reportedly .13. He was taken into custody for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and his passenger was taken into custody for underage consumption. Both have been released.

Because of the serious nature of the accident, the man may wish to explore his legal options regarding the drunk driving charges. If he believes that making a deal could be in his best interests, he may want to consider looking into plea bargains and whether such a legal path could be available to him. If this is not the path he wishes to take, he may want to learn more about Ohio criminal proceedings regarding OVI and possible defense strategies.