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Deputy faces proceedings for OVI charge in Ohio

Deputy faces proceedings for OVI charge in Ohio

Having an understanding of certain criminal proceedings can potentially be helpful if an individual has an allegation leveled against him or her. If a person is charged with OVI, that party may wish to know what steps may be taken as a case moves through the legal system. This knowledge may be able to help an individual determine what strategies may be best for handling their situation.

A deputy in Ohio may be using his knowledge of the criminal system after he was charged with OVI. The situation reportedly took place because the officer allegedly did not remain in the marked lines of the lanes as he was driving. A specific time was not noted in the report, but it was mentioned that the situation allegedly took place early in the morning.

The driver allegedly refused to participate in any sobriety tests after he was stopped. It was also noted that his driver’s license was suspended. At this time, the sheriff’s office for which he works stated that he will continue to carry out his duties as his situation progresses. An administrative review into the alleged incident will apparently take place after his legal process concludes.

As a deputy, the man may have a better working knowledge of the legal system that some other individuals. However, he may still wish to ensure that he has the proper information that applies to his specific circumstances. By assessing his case closely, he may be able to determine what information regarding Ohio OVI criminal proceedings could be most helpful to his situation.