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Blog Posts in 2014

  • OVI charges result in Ohio after car sinks in river

    When drunk driving is suspected to have played a role in the death of an individual, the charges associated with such an incident could be severe. If a person is convicted of OVI charges after such an event, the individual could face time in jail and other serious consequences. However, parties facing such allegations should not resign themselves to accepting a negative outcome. An individual in ...
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  • Ohio man may look into legal options after drunk driving arrest

    In school zones, speed limits are typically lowered in order to ensure the safety of the students who may be present. If a driver does not comply with the speed limit in such an area, there could be costly penalties. If authorities suspect that a driver may also be under the influence, the driver could face citations and a possible drunk driving arrest. An Ohio driver recently found himself in a ...
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  • Ohio man faces drunk driving charges after single-car accident

    Drinking and driving can lead to severe outcomes for individuals who get behind the wheel. The majority of individuals know that driving while impaired is a serious mistake, but when a person is impaired, he or she is likely not using the best judgment. However, if individuals have drunk driving charges leveled against them, they may be able to use better judgment as they work to handle their ...
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  • Ohio man may consider defense options after OVI charge

    In many cases, an individual who has been accused of illegal activity may wish to present a defense against those allegations. A defense may allow a party who has been charged with OVI to present a version of the facts that could work toward maintaining his or her innocence. Individuals who opt to follow this legal route may want to become as informed as they can on their possible strategies. A ...
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  • Ohio accident may lead to drunk driving arrest

    Being involved in a car accident can lead to a considerable amount of stress for individuals. If authorities also believe that the driver may have been drinking before driving, the situation may become even more stressful. Individuals who have faced a drunk driving arrest may want to assess the situation and what it could mean for them legally. A man in Ohio may be hoping to find out more about ...
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  • Ohio teen charged with underage drinking, other allegations

    Individuals who are under the legal age for consuming alcohol could potentially find themselves in serious trouble if they drink despite the law. Facing charges for underage drinking could lead to marks on a person's record that could become a hindrance in future circumstances. As a result, individuals may want to consider if there are any legal options that could potentially help them avoid such ...
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  • OVI charge stems from alleged Ohio accident involving parked car

    When a car accident takes place, authorities look at the incident from multiple angles in order to get a better idea of what may have caused the accident. This tactic may lead police officers to conduct sobriety tests on any drivers involved. If an officer believes that a party may have been under the influence when an accident took place, that driver could potentially be charged for OVI. A recent ...
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  • Ohio driver charged with OVI after allegedly turning himself in

    When an individual is charged for an alleged crime, he or she may anxiously await what may come next for their situation. The stress and anxiety of their circumstances may make them feel as if they are stuck in a situation without knowing how to properly handle it. Luckily, many individuals who have been charged with OVI or other allegations may have options that could help ease the stress of ...
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  • Ohio man charged with OVI after alleged erratic driving

    When individuals traveling the roadways are concerned about the behavior of other drivers, they may alert the authorities to the situation. In some cases, a driver may be stopped in order for police to assess the circumstances. If they believe that a driver may have been drinking before getting behind the wheel, that driver could potentially be charged for OVI and face further legal proceedings. A ...
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  • Drunk driving charges filed after vehicle hits Ohio church

    Losing control of a vehicle can be a frightening experience for those individuals involved. In many cases, such a situation can result in a serious accident. If a person is suspected of having been under the influence when the accident took place, his or her frightening experience may have drunk driving charges added to it, and finding out more about legal avenues could be a helpful step. A driver ...
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  • Deputy faces proceedings for OVI charge in Ohio

    Having an understanding of certain criminal proceedings can potentially be helpful if an individual has an allegation leveled against him or her. If a person is charged with OVI, that party may wish to know what steps may be taken as a case moves through the legal system. This knowledge may be able to help an individual determine what strategies may be best for handling their situation. A deputy ...
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  • Breath test refusal cases stem from sleeping Ohio drivers

    For some individuals, catching a quick nap in their car may not seem like something out of the ordinary. However, if authorities believe that an individual sleeping in their vehicle is suspicious in nature, they could begin to question the individual. Should authorities believe that the sleeping person was under the influence and there is a breath test refusal, that person could face consequences. ...
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  • Ohio unit targets underage drinking and sales

    For underage individuals, alcohol may have some sort of allure because it is illegal for them to consume. Some may wish to just experience it to see what it is like, while others may attempt to consume it on a regular basis with their friends or for other reasons. However, underage drinking is a serious offense, and individuals who are found to be consuming alcohol before the age of 21 -- and ...
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  • Ohio driver changes tactics regarding drunk driving charges

    For some individuals, deciding on the best course of legal action can take some time. An individual who is facing drunk driving charges may believe that one route may be their best bet only to later change their mind. Because different aspects or evidence may come to their attention during various parts of their case proceedings, individuals may wish to be knowledgeable on available options in ...
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  • Accident leads to drunk driving arrest in Ohio

    When a person is involved in a single-car accident, they may be shaken by the situation, but they may also be relieved that no one else was involved. However, authorities may become involved if they believe that the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated at the time of the event. In this type of situation, a driver could face charges of OVI for a drunk driving arrest. A man in Ohio is currently ...
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